Neutral Territory

FINALLY we have made it through the bitter cold and into the beautiful Michigan weather we all know and love. What better way to transition into Spring/Summer fashion than mixing a few soft neutral shades?

A few weeks ago, my sister and I went to run some errands and came across the cutest little greenhouse.What better than to have a mini photo-op?

This long blouse is so light and perfect for those cooler summer days. The floral detailing in the back is the perfect addition to this simplistic style. I love that I can switch it up by tying it in the front, or leaving it down for a more casual look.

Wanna know what else I love? Raiding my moms closet to find the best accessories! (hat + shoes) Anyone else?! ; )


Click on image for pricing/ details.


#fashion #outfit #ootd #accessories #neutral

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